Rear Window

When we bought Lot 9 in 2013, it was the cul de sac in the front but especially the expected view from the rear that made us smile. The woman we worked with at Robert Thomas Homes spoke in colorful language about the wild flowers that would bloom–a variety of species and a whole bunch of colors blooming throughout the spring and into fall. 

Last year we decided she was full of bologna as the backyard seemed to be full of big weeds (although some did have color) and very few wild flowers. She reminded us it would take a couple of years and so we didn’t complain too much.

So what’s happened in summer number two at YellowDoorWorld? Well Mary wasn’t kidding after all. The views from the back of the house really have been lovely. A myriad of whites, yellows, purples and greens have been blooming since spring and it really is so lovely. 

So, similar to that old Hitchcock flick noted in the title of this post, while we’ve waited in suspense, the outcome from the rear window(s) is actually quite alright!  



Double Bonus

When we built YellowDoorWorld we had to decide whether or not we wanted a bonus room done above the garage or a finished basement. (Sadly we had a limited supply of dollars.) We loved the idea of a bonus room from the get go and knew it would a well-used space in the house–and if you didn’t do it to start we couldn’t do it later. Decision made.

We’ve been in YDW for a year now and pretty quickly had it feeling like a cozy room. Ben’s great Black Friday purchase of our 60+ inch TV helped too. The thing is though, it felt a little boring and we didn’t purchase anything new for the room when we moved in. I looked around the room one day and realized some new pillows could be the fix. Enter a trip to Target some months ago and spotting a new offering of gray chevron pillows for $24.99 each and I was set. All it took was two and voila–a fresh look. That satisfied me for a while and then I looked around again and rearranged some furniture. It’s amazing how strong a determined women can become when she wants a 300 lb armoire moved! That helped for a while and then one day I knew what needed to happen–curtains.

The chevron pillows really were a great look and the the chevron curtains we’d purchased from West Elm for the kitchen and gathering room felt right for the bonus room too. Plus, I liked the idea of some consistency throughout these spaces.

I’m pleased to say the curtains fit my fix and look great in the room. Now if I can just find the right piece of artwork for that one wall this room will surely be a double bonus !





Coaster Creation

I found the cutest monogrammed coasters in 2011. Bought several of them to give away as Christmas gifts and two packages for us because I’ve always liked things with our last initial, I loved the black and white look of them and I could feel a craft project looming.

Those coasters lived with us at our West Pond house from Nov 2011-July 2012, moved with us to Twins Court from July 2012-Aug 2013 and found a drawer here at Addisen Court. I thought I found the perfect opp to use them after we moved in by using some corrugated cardboard when we purchased new dinnerware but after buying several picture frames to fit my idea, none worked and the little coasters went back to their drawer…until today.

Last night we were at TJ Maxx and there, like magic, was the perfect frame–and for only $14.99. Gray, little squares that I was sure would fit and a little distressed. Love.

I couldn’t wait to get home and put the coasters in the frame but wouldn’t you know they were literally less than a centimeter too big. No worries though, Crafty Cat Nat got handy today and used a little razor blade and voila, the coaster fit perfectly and after two years my Coaster Creation is complete.

Pinterest worthy? I mean, I think so.