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Life’s a “B”

The foyer. Never an easy spot to get right but sets the tone of the insides of ones space. Our foyer isn’t quite there yet but I did find a little inspiration tonight.

In June I spotted a gray bench at, where else but Home Goods. It was modern with a rustic base plus it had nickel nail heads, which I’m loving right now. I envisioned it in the entry or our master bedroom but given the bed we ordered, the foyer is the spot.

We placed it against the wall when you walk in and opted to put one of our big black clocks (from where else but HG) above it. Truthfully, I think we hung it a tad high but tonight I realized my fav pillows, meant for the office, would be perfect, add the color pop needed to compliment the door and add a little height. It worked and l have to say both look ├╝ber cool when you’re standing at the front door looking in.

Next up was figuring out the adjacent wall. We’ve got a little collection of the letter “B” growing and one night while at HG we found a great picture of a “B.” We scooped that up in a hurry and found the perfect spot also in the foyer.

So far so good but the next spot needing help was the wall to the left of the door. I’ve tried several pieces there but none left me enamored. Then tonight when Logan was doing his neb and vest in the Bonus Room, it came to me…the ladder with pics of the boys.

Moved it downstairs to its spot and after lots of time tinkering to find the right accent items (I ended up stealing more of my office-allocated items), I was satisfied. The ladder thing creates a good compliment to the bench and pillows and the letter “B” on the other wall.

Add in Bianca the owl–yep, from HG in May–and I’d say life, or in this case the foyer, is a real “B.”