Rear Window

When we bought Lot 9 in 2013, it was the cul de sac in the front but especially the expected view from the rear that made us smile. The woman we worked with at Robert Thomas Homes spoke in colorful language about the wild flowers that would bloom–a variety of species and a whole bunch of colors blooming throughout the spring and into fall. 

Last year we decided she was full of bologna as the backyard seemed to be full of big weeds (although some did have color) and very few wild flowers. She reminded us it would take a couple of years and so we didn’t complain too much.

So what’s happened in summer number two at YellowDoorWorld? Well Mary wasn’t kidding after all. The views from the back of the house really have been lovely. A myriad of whites, yellows, purples and greens have been blooming since spring and it really is so lovely. 

So, similar to that old Hitchcock flick noted in the title of this post, while we’ve waited in suspense, the outcome from the rear window(s) is actually quite alright!  



Follow the YellowDoorWorld

Oh, YellowDoorWorld! How have I let you go so long without something fun to share. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014 have come and gone and here we are in the last month of the first quarter of 2015. Time has flown by, winter has been busy, house projects have been minimal and let’s just say, the “now what” bug is biting.

Most shopping continues to take place at Homegoods and TJMaxx. Sometimes we find things at Pier One and we love looking at Ballard Design, Home Collectors and HGTV magazine.

In the coming days, I’ll write quick posts with a few pics of rooms we’ve added a little of this or that to; and hopefully, some new updates will be shared too. There might be even be some guest blogs from pals with projects worth sharing.

Meantime, some holiday delight for reminiscing…





Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

On my way home from work tonight I got a txt from my dear friend Amy that she was at Homegoods in Edina. I had just passed the France Ave exit and was making good time so I detoured for a quick visit. She had what should be their next tagline, “Homegoods has stuff I didn’t even know I needed until I saw it.” Genius statement.

I was in one of two areas of the store I don’t frequent much–glassware and dinnerware. And wouldn’t you know I found the perfect dinner and salad plates and bowls. Then I found the cutest white owl platters and bowls so snatched up a few. I realize the owl trend may be coming to an end but ever since I got an owl necklace in 2009 and named her Bianca, I’ve had a soft spot for this sweet fowl.

Ben approved of the purchase and then I said, “guess who’s coming to dinner.” He didn’t get it. Do you?


Mirror, Mirror

One of our best purchases of all time dates back to the days of Marshall Field’s. I worked in the corporate office for many years and it was always fun to walk the fifth floor of the store–furniture! The decorated rooms, furniture and furnishings were always fun to look at and in most cases dream about.

During one particular clearance event, prices were literally slashed on many items and I completely scored on a side table and a giant, gorgeous and chic mirror. We ended up having it in our finished basement at our West Pond house but always felt it was so grand and beautiful that it needed a prominent place in our next home.

Since our gathering room is full of windows, we imagined it in our foyer hallway, upstairs hallway or bedroom with the real vision of the hallway.

We placed it on the wall above a fantastic sofa table we picked up as part of a trio of goodies (sofa, coffee and side tables) with a shiny silver bowl from Ikea. It definitely hit the mark. Well, actually it didn’t hit the mark bc Ben missed the stud in the wall by 1/4 inch resulting in a fairly large hole in our brand new house. Oops.

The sofa table and mirror looked great but lacked a complete look. As I sat and stared at it for a couple minutes–boom!–it hit me–the silver bowl needed lemons and the topiaries we’ve had for years would be perfect. But where were they? After hunting through virtually every Christmas tub, at 11:30 pm no less, we finally located them and…yep, perfect.

Super excited about how it’s coming together (I still need to buy lemons). Once done, I think this mirror will definitely be the fairest of them all.


Home Goods at Home Goods

My family has a mad love affair with TJMaxx and Homegoods–it must be hereditary. My Mom and sis Amanda, aunt Caryl and cousin Christine, Stepmom and step sis Kristen, Ben’s sisters, his Aunt Mary Gaye and while she was here, his Mom Debbie was a real purveyor of the place.

It’s really a magical experience to go in not knowing what you’ll find and then spotting the most perfect item that can either inspire a room or complete a look. It’s rare for me to not go in and find something and frankly, I’m disappointed when I don’t (though I know Ben is relieved).

As it relates to the new house, Ben and I have had a vision of the look we’re going for a while and have been finding things here and there for months, steadily filling the front room of the house.

Between the pillow collection I’ve gathered as well as a bench, artwork, wall hangings, yellow planters, bedding, and other home furnishings, we’ve acquired a plethora of items that may not have a specific designated place but we know they’ll fit together perfectly.

Tonight’s trip was no exception. Item one was a set of photos perfect for the powder room. I have an idea of putting a black ladder in there for the towel rack and the images are black, yellow and white. Adorable. Next item was a gray mirror/cubbie drawer that we purchased in May for $79 but they had the same one “As Is” for $49. It merely had a few small chips that weren’t even noticeable. We’ll take the other back and save $30. Perfect. Last, item three was a club chair in yellow, gray and cream with grommets. It’s as if it was just there waiting for us to find it. Those pillows I wrote about on a previous post could be a fabulous compliment whether we decide to use the chair in the Gathering Room to go along with our new sofa and love seat or it could go in our master bedroom if we decide to use bedding option two instead of bedding option one. Either way, divine.

Oh, and not to be missed are the other two yellow pictures purchased in April for the kitchen. Appears they may be multi-purpose too seeing how great they look with the chair.

Our house is coming together with home goods from Homegoods and it’s all going to make our home good–or should we say great!


Pillow Talk

Let’s talk about pillows…I love pillows. Pillows are perfect and powerful. It’s amazing the inspiration I can get from one small pillow.

When I got my very first office in 2004, I was at Marshall Field’s and lucky enough to have Bill Payne, design guru extraordinaire, come in and ask how I wanted it to feel. At the time, the boys weren’t quite one so life at home was was chaotic. I told him, “calm, clean and serene” because outside of work was anything but. The next thing I knew he brought in some pillows and artwork that hit the mark perfectly. Citrus colors of yellow, green and orange mixed with shiny silver. Oh how I loved that office. I left Field’s/Macy’s in 2009 but was able to keep what was purchased for me and bring it to my next office at MSP. I knew I wanted to bring those colors into our new home office too.

Fast forward to November and I was at my fav store Homegoods and there before my eyes were two pillows I knew would be perfect accents for our new home office…even though we didn’t yet know where we were moving or what a house would look like. The power of pillows.

In December we went through a Homes by Tradition model home. They are the sister company to Robert Thomas Homes who are our builders but do true custom homes. We actually met with them last Aug/Sept with the plan of building with them but they didn’t have approval on their development in Inver Grove then, nor do they yet.

Any case, the master bedroom of that model was the pillow of my dreams–that one small pillow captured the look I knew I wanted in a new house…again though, we still had no idea what or where that might be. I hunted for that pillow with no luck. We even went to the staging company’s annual sample sale to see if it might be there but to no avail.

Fast forward to June when Ben and I went on a date that ended early. He suggested we go to TJMaxx/ Homegoods (since it wasn’t even 9:30) so I willingly obliged. So happened the merchandise assortment that night had a number of things we liked so I was feeling giddy and then…there it was…the pillow from the model. It may sound corny but it stopped me in my tracks and I just couldn’t believe it. Clearly, it was meant to be. I quickly grabbed the only two pillows they had and then saw them in green too. I had previously purchased some new bedding and thought these would march perfectly (they did) so I bought those too.

I love pillows. And i cant wait to see how the pillows we’ve got tie our rooms together. Pretty sure there will be a lot of pillow talk about it.