I have always loved the word “blessed” as I feel it describes so much–actually, everything–in my life. There’s a verse about being blessed beyond measure and truly, we are. Two years ago Ben’s sister Abbie got me the most perfect … Continue reading

Double the Pleasure

Ever since I was young and got a bedroom of my own I have loved to rearrange things. To this day the bug hits usually at inopportune times when I’m just trying to clean the house. Case in point last … Continue reading

Rear Window

When we bought Lot 9 in 2013, it was the cul de sac in the front but especially the expected view from the rear that made us smile. The woman we worked with at Robert Thomas Homes spoke in colorful language about the wild flowers that would bloom–a variety of species and a whole bunch of colors blooming throughout the spring and into fall. 

Last year we decided she was full of bologna as the backyard seemed to be full of big weeds (although some did have color) and very few wild flowers. She reminded us it would take a couple of years and so we didn’t complain too much.

So what’s happened in summer number two at YellowDoorWorld? Well Mary wasn’t kidding after all. The views from the back of the house really have been lovely. A myriad of whites, yellows, purples and greens have been blooming since spring and it really is so lovely. 

So, similar to that old Hitchcock flick noted in the title of this post, while we’ve waited in suspense, the outcome from the rear window(s) is actually quite alright!  


Follow the YellowDoorWorld

Oh, YellowDoorWorld! How have I let you go so long without something fun to share. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas 2014 have come and gone and here we are in the last month of the first quarter of 2015. Time has flown by, winter has been busy, house projects have been minimal and let’s just say, the “now what” bug is biting.

Most shopping continues to take place at Homegoods and TJMaxx. Sometimes we find things at Pier One and we love looking at Ballard Design, Home Collectors and HGTV magazine.

In the coming days, I’ll write quick posts with a few pics of rooms we’ve added a little of this or that to; and hopefully, some new updates will be shared too. There might be even be some guest blogs from pals with projects worth sharing.

Meantime, some holiday delight for reminiscing…





Life’s a “B”

The foyer. Never an easy spot to get right but sets the tone of the insides of ones space. Our foyer isn’t quite there yet but I did find a little inspiration tonight.

In June I spotted a gray bench at, where else but Home Goods. It was modern with a rustic base plus it had nickel nail heads, which I’m loving right now. I envisioned it in the entry or our master bedroom but given the bed we ordered, the foyer is the spot.

We placed it against the wall when you walk in and opted to put one of our big black clocks (from where else but HG) above it. Truthfully, I think we hung it a tad high but tonight I realized my fav pillows, meant for the office, would be perfect, add the color pop needed to compliment the door and add a little height. It worked and l have to say both look ├╝ber cool when you’re standing at the front door looking in.

Next up was figuring out the adjacent wall. We’ve got a little collection of the letter “B” growing and one night while at HG we found a great picture of a “B.” We scooped that up in a hurry and found the perfect spot also in the foyer.

So far so good but the next spot needing help was the wall to the left of the door. I’ve tried several pieces there but none left me enamored. Then tonight when Logan was doing his neb and vest in the Bonus Room, it came to me…the ladder with pics of the boys.

Moved it downstairs to its spot and after lots of time tinkering to find the right accent items (I ended up stealing more of my office-allocated items), I was satisfied. The ladder thing creates a good compliment to the bench and pillows and the letter “B” on the other wall.

Add in Bianca the owl–yep, from HG in May–and I’d say life, or in this case the foyer, is a real “B.”



A Tisket A Tasket–A Less Expensive Basket

We’ve moved into the house and now comes time for decorating and organizing and getting things in their respective places. So. Much. Fun.

We went from having ample storage space in our kitchen and bathrooms in our West Pond house to having very little in our Twins Court twin house. As such, we had to get quite creative using strategically placed dressers and covered baskets for things like towels and toiletries. It worked and we adapted but boy, oh boy, am I loving
more drawers in each of the bathrooms, and having two linen closets in our master bath and another in the hallway.

I like to compartmentalize items in little tubs for things like nail polish, extra supplies, lotions, perfumes, etc., and for the longest time I’ve managed with a myriad of sizes and colors. This time around though I wanted to be extra organized and consistent in closets for a streamlined look.

If you’ve ever shopped the toiletry aisles for things like this, you’ve likely noticed that retailers tend to gouge you on the prices. Logan and I went to Target tonight and found a few standard white bins for $9.99. Yikes! A few aisles down I found something even better–and the same size for $2.99. Plus, they were white with gray. Perfect! I bought them out of both the small and medium sizes and instead of paying $74 paid $27. Benji couldn’t fault me for that purchase. (And it saved a trip to Homegoods.)

It pays to look in different departments for as the saying goes, a tisket, a tasket, you’ll likely find less expensive baskets.




Jutebox Hero

Aside from the office, we’ve got hardwood on the entire first floor so we knew we’d need a few rugs in key places. We love rugs with great patterns and color and I particularly like chevron at the moment. But for the Gathering Room we wanted something solid and simple like a sisal or jute rug with texture to work with our wood floors. Finding this rug at an affordable price wasn’t so easy but when we stopped in to Cost Plus a few weeks ago, there it was–and a perfect 6×9 size and for under $200. We decided its our jute box hero.