Hello, Yellow! 

It’s back! The yellow door. Oh, how I missed our yellow door. It seriously just makes my heart happy. Doesn’t yellow just make you smile?!

The story goes that when we decided to build a house in 2012Edit, I knew I wanted a yellow door. It’s a bright, happy, optimistic, joy-filled color and we wanted it on our house. Then came finding the right hue. I mean, hello yellow, there are so many choices but the second I saw this one particular color, I knew it was it. The color name? Decisive Yellow by Sherwin Williams. Of course it was because if there is one thing I typically am, it’s decisive. 

Next up, the style of the door. We knew wanted one different than what the standard was for our development and after some scouring, our home builder was able to find exactly what we were looking for. Four panes vs just a big window.  So we had the perfect door with the perfect color and all was perfect except for when we decided to move we couldn’t take it with us. So long YellowDoorWorld? Never!

With the house we found to buy, we could see that the style of our yellow door would work great so I looked for it online. And I looked, and I looked, and I looked. Nowhere was the door. It was very sad. I called the home builder and they gave me the company from which they got it. I called so excitedly only to be told they only sell to contractors and builders. I was crushed but apparently the sound of defeat was sky high in my voice because the kind woman on the phone said she’d transfer me to their sales dept to see if there was anything they could do to help. 

It was then I met my door angel Brian. He understood how important this door was to me the second we started talking. He looked up our address and since we built with Robert Thomas Homes and our house was in the system we counted as a customers and he could help me! It was the best day and this guy was definitely one of the most helpful people I have ever encountered. The door came four weeks later and last week Ben finished painting it. Then, on Friday after several hours of finagling, it was up. And it was once again perfect. 

YellowDoorWorld 2.0 is coming along. 


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