Summer. Solstice. Bliss. 

It’s the first day of summer. The longest day of the year. And today was perfectly beautiful. It was a day I forced myself to walk back and forth two times from my office building to our Life Time club across the parking lot to just get some fresh air. That might not seem like much but it was and I loved it. What I really longed for though was to get home and enjoy a few minutes of real summer solstice bliss. 

Here’s why…

There were many things we loved about this new house (YellowDoorWorld 2.0) when we saw it online and then in person. Tall ceilings, lots of windows, open floor plan, major things already updated in a 1990’s house like the ceilings, the master bath, the flooring, the kitchen and the finished and walk out basement and the backyard. Definitely the back yard. 

It was 2009, the first time we attempted to sell our West Pond Road house, that we found a house with an awesome backyard that had a sport court and a pool. It was so cool and we thought it would be perfect for the boys. We lost out on it but we never forgot it. Since then we’ve always kept our eyes open for a house with a pool but never found one that was right so it was an idea we just kept the idea in the back of our minds. That is, until last summer. Following Logan’s discharge after his transplant we had to stay in St. Louis for a week and my most amazing high school friend Shawn and his wife Crystal opened up their house to us. The kindest gesture and the greatest house. It was warm and inviting and had a pool and sport court in the backyard. We were in love. The boys were in love. We decided at that time that a house like that would be truly be awesome for the boys as they started high school — “the hang out house” — what could be better. 

When the house we ultimately now live in came in the market we couldn’t believe it. It had everything in our list and enough room for a sport court and the pool. And, it was priced right. Meant to be. 

So tonight after the most wonderfully beautiful day I came home went into the backyard and took in a few minutes of summer. solstice. bliss. 

Then I went to watch a soccer game. 


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