The Move


Oh my.

So. Much. Work.

We closed on the new house the Friday of Memorial Day. It was smooth sailing thanks to our fantastic realtor Kevin Conoryea of Sherwood Realty (highly recommend). We came to the house after lunch and it was spotless and ready for its new owners. Sadly, like all of our houses to date, I missed being carried over the threshold but the reality was Benji needed to save his muscles for the move. We brought a few things over to make it feel a little homey including our front porch rug and chairs and a new rug  I picked up for the deck. Those small touches, and me cleaning some windows on day one, was a perfect way to end the day

Similar to Ben’s dad, he likes manual labor, so rather than hire a moving company we packed up YDW and we’re able to rally a few of Ben’s players and our amazing family to help us out. Saturday and Sunday were the big move days while Monday (Memorial Day) and Tuesday were everything else.  Every time we thought we were done we’d find something else. Moving really is so much work but the end goal is usually worth it.

We got the original Yellow DoorWorld house finished up on Tuesday which included Benji building and hanging a new sliding barn door (our yellow barn door was non-negotiable).  It turned out amazing. I took the lead on getting the house clean and just prayed it all looked okay for the new owners.

After a final looksee Wednesday morning I said goodbye to YDW. A wonderful and most beautiful place that will leave lasting memories and friendships.

Now on to YDW 2.0


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