YellowDoorWorld 2.0

When we decided to build our very first house in 2012 we honestly never thought, “this is our forever house.”  I didn’t even know that phrase was a thing. But we did build it with the intention of making it a love-filled, God-filled,  awesome house for our family that we could design and decorate and put our own personalized touches on. And we did that. YellowDoorWorld was created and for the past 3 years and 10 months it has been amazing. We love virtually every, single thing we did with the options we had to choose from and the extra things we added in.  Aside from the front office and the unfinished basement we used all of this house.


We started getting a little antsy. What’s next? Should we build again? The yard sure is small. What–We don’t have enough impervious space for a sport court? Is this the right place for the boys’ high school years? It sure would be great to be closer to Life Time for my morning workouts. Don’t you miss projects? Wasn’t Shawn and Crystal’s house in St. Louis awesome with their killer backyard and basement? Wouldn’t it be great to have tons of windows and tall ceilings? Can you imagine living somewhere else.

So we kind of looked at what was out there. Last fall we found a place we could’ve done something with but opted to stay put. This spring, Benji was looking constantly and every now and again I’d join in. He FaceTimed me from a showing while we were on vacation. Interesting house but not right. We found another house that needed loads of updating but it had an out building that could fit an indoor basketball court. Then reality set in and we realized we can’t buy a house for an out building. Let’s be good with where we are, we decided.

And then we found it.

YellowDoorWorld 2.0.

And tomorrow we close on it.








One thought on “YellowDoorWorld 2.0

  1. So excited for you. We are moving the last of our stuff to this weekend. I’ve been at it one load at a time for weeks.
    Can’t wait to see your new home and for you to see ours!


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