Double the Pleasure

Ever since I was young and got a bedroom of my own I have loved to rearrange things. To this day the bug hits usually at inopportune times when I’m just trying to clean the house. Case in point last week when I planned to clean the Gathering Room.


Earlier this summer I found a chair on Joss & Main that looked to be perfect for my idea to rethink the office. Even  better, the price for two was a fraction of what one chair would be at any decent retailer. 

So I ordered them both and waited.  Upon their arrival, I realized I needed to assemble on my own but did it no problem (impressive, right?!). I loved the pattern and colors of the chairs but didn’t love them both in the office so one stayed there and the other moved to our bedroom. 

Fast forward to last weekend when the rearrange bug hit and I decided to move the existing furniture around and around, moved the juut rug from the long way to the short way (got a good floor clean in) and pondered what to try. That’s when it hit me–the chairs. 

After a bit of further rearranging and refining we (yes, Benji got roped in) landed on a position that looks great and really doubles the pleasure of the Gathering Room. In fact, one day last week the boys were watching TV on the couch after dinner when Logan said fall was his favorite time of year. When I asked why he said because the house is warm and cozy and he really, really liked having the chairs in the room. For now that’s a win.  



One thought on “Double the Pleasure

  1. Like it Natalie. Always nice to have more seating in the gathering room.
    Perfect match to your décor. Are you over changing to navy blue accents?
    Would like to sit down with you some time and talk about our build with you, mainly if you think your rooms are big enough or what you would do different. Always nice to talk with someone who’s gone through the process.


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